[ckan-dev] Removing Facets with Plugin

Trenton Manson tmanson at onipaa.org
Tue Dec 10 22:54:26 UTC 2019


I was trying to remove the license and format facets be deleting from the `facets_dict` through the IFacets plugin interface with like below.


    def dataset_facets(self, facets_dict, package_type):
        '''Add new search facet (filter) for datasets.
        This must be a field in the dataset (or organization or
        group if you're modifying those search facets, just change the function).

        del facets_dict['license']
        del facets_dict['res_format']

        # Return the updated facet dict.
        return facets_dict

This crashes the page.  Am I taking the wrong approach?  Any advice is appreciated.

Mahalo nui,
Trenton Manson | Data Science Manager
1100 Alakea Street  | Honolulu, HI 96813
Cell: 808.421.9832 | Website:  www.onipaa.org<http://www.onipaa.org/>

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