[ckan-dev] Forking culture (was Re: Running ckan on heroku)

Aaron D Borden aaron.borden at gsa.gov
Tue Dec 3 18:37:21 UTC 2019

Hey folks,

Ah I just clicked you're probably referring to CKAN needing to use the
> variable names heroku defines automatically for dynamic-ish connection
> strings - the easiest is probably a custom plugin, e.g. to fork
> ckanext-envvar for that.

Forking this conversation ;-)

I'm a python developer working in open source for a decade but have only
been with CKAN for a year, mostly working on the fringes. Is there a reason
that forking is so pervasive in the CKAN community?

It seems to be a common "solution" on this mailing list, but forking causes
all kinds of problems and inefficiencies. I'm used to folks pushing changes
back upstream instead of creating forks.

Data.gov is one giant fork and has caused a lot of wasted time and effort
for us and a lot of missed opportunities for CKAN. Instead of solving
problems for CKAN, we're solving the same or similar problems again for

Is there a historical reason why there are so many forks? Do we have a lack
of owners and maintainers?

Aaron D Borden
Lead Engineer | IT Specialist
TTS | Data.gov <https://www.data.gov>
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