[ckan-dev] Scheming plugin question

Knight, Kathryn E. knightke at ornl.gov
Fri Feb 1 19:10:13 UTC 2019


We’re trying to install the CKAN Scheming plugin on CKAN 2.8.1 using Docker, but are getting the “PluginNotFoundException” error. After hours of troubleshooting, we’re stuck. Could anyone offer advice on how to get this working?

We have:

  1.  Activated the virtual environment, installed the plugin via pip, and have run python setup.py develop
  2.  Ensured that the plugin name is in the setup.py file
  3.  Added plugin name (as it appears in the setup.py file) to the .ini file
     *   ckan.plugins = stats text_view image_view recline_view datastore datapusher extrafields ornl_theme scheming_datasets

Our other plugins are working successfully, so we’re stuck as to why Scheming isn’t. We have not modified the plugin at all yet—this is as it currently is on Git. https://github.com/ckan/ckanext-scheming

Any assistance or advice is most appreciated!

Katie and Ben
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