[ckan-dev] Datapusher not triggered for updated resources

Alberto Miedes alberto at populate.tools
Thu Feb 14 15:37:22 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

We're running a CKAN setup with Harvester + Datapusher. Everyday we run the
harvester and expect all resources to be updated and re-uploaded to
DataStore via DataPusher, but that is not happening (even with the hash
changed). DataPusher is only triggered when a new resource is added.

I think the problem is that datapusher_submit
only called when the resource is new

One way to avoid this problem is to force all resources to be detected as
new in the harvester, but then we'd have to create a periodic task to
delete old DataStore tables because then they won't be cleared. And it's
not very clean.

¿Is there something I am missing? ¿What was the purpose of this behavior?

Thanks in advance,

Alberto Miedes
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