[ckan-dev] PyCSW 2.2.0 and ckanext-spatial

Chris MacDermaid - NOAA Affiliate chris.macdermaid at noaa.gov
Mon Feb 25 21:14:20 UTC 2019

Does anyone have experience using PyCSW version 2.2.0 and ckanext-spatial
(recently from the master branch) with CKAN 2.8.2.

The ckanext-spatial paster database setup command fails because of  this
import: "from pycsw import metadata, repository, util" .  It seems like the
ckanext-spatial paster command "ckan-pycsw load' works with PyCSW 2.2.0,
but I haven't verified that yet. Have you seen any issues the loading into
PyCSW 2.2.0?

This command fails:
paster --plugin=ckanext-spatial ckan-pycsw setup -p

Chris MacDermaid, PMP
Contractor - Columbus Technologies and Services, Inc.
(p) 303-497-6987
Chris.MacDermaid at noaa.gov
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