[ckan-dev] Approach for preveting annomyous access to CKAN site

Kim Henriksen kh at ipimp.at
Thu Jul 25 18:06:58 UTC 2019

I wan't my CKAN site to require authentication to view any page. But the
only solution I have found so far, is using the IAuthFunctions / site_read

But I can't figure a way to redirect to the login form and/or autologin
(remember me) users.

Blocking access via site_read will show a forbidden message on all pages
and the API will return a 500 error on all requests until logged in /
providing API key - and thats not very user friendly.

Here is my question on StackOverflow:

Here is a few related questions:


I hope someone here can answer the questions

Kim Henriksen
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