[ckan-dev] Solr 8 with CKAN

Ross Jones ross at mailbolt.com
Fri Jun 7 15:18:46 UTC 2019


Has anyone done any work on getting Solr 8 to work with CKAN?

On setting up a new laptop today I ran 'brew install solr', because it's a mac and I'm lazy, and ended up with Solr 8 :( Which I guess serves me right.

On the basis that it'll be much easier to get CKAN working with 8 than trying to install 6.x  I've been playing around with the schema and solrconfig and managed to get it up and running. 

I don't want to spend a lot of time, beyond the too-many-hours I've spent staring at XML, turning it into a useful PR if someone else has already started/done this work (and I was too stupid to look).

If nobody has started on this yet, but would be willing to give it a try (with the caveat that it might make your computer explode, your dog hate you and all your backups disappear), I'd be happy to write up how I got it working - then once there's more confidence it is correct I'll turn it into a PR without the manual steps.



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