[ckan-dev] ckan-read-performance-optimization

Sabine Maennel sabine.maennel at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 14:58:19 UTC 2019


I struggle with CKAN performance optimizations for showing data packages,
such as this:

I monitored postgres and saw that there were a lot of queries in the
backend for loading the datapackages. (We are also using ckanext-harvester:
so even harvest objects were loaded). I found some advice on cleaning up
the database. I will try to do this.

But on top of that I am wondering whether using Varnish would be an option.
Is anyone using Varnish with ckan?

Would you have any other advice for me on how to monitor and improve the
speed of ckan read page loads?

With kind regards and thanks in advance,
 Sabine Maennel

Sabine Maennel
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sabine.maennel at gmail.com
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