[ckan-discuss] Recent Updates ATOM feed

Colin Calnan colin at raisedeyebrow.com
Wed Apr 7 18:33:58 BST 2010


I'm building a cron task for pulling in the recent changes ATOM feed. 
However my task is timing out as it's taking a long time to get the feed 
back from http://ca.ckan.net/revision?format=atom. In some cases it's 
taking 30-60 seconds. Is there anything we can do to speed this up or 
any way to limit the changes to the last 5.

Basically, with the help of Luke Closs, I've built a function that is 
checking the md5sum of the feed and if it has changed I'm running all my 
processes to clear cache etc on our Drupal site. So I really only need 1 
recent item, and if that's different to the one I got previously, then I 
can clear my caches.

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