[ckan-discuss] Redirecting add/edit package form

Colin Calnan colin at raisedeyebrow.com
Mon Apr 12 18:30:34 BST 2010

We have a small workflow issue on our Drupal/CKAN integration site on 

When adding/editing a package on CKAN, we need the user to return to 
drupal site representation of that package once the form has been submitted.

For now when the user visits a package/dataset on our drupal site, and 
click edit, they are redirected to the edit form for that package on 
ca.ckan.net. Once that form has been submitted we need to redirect them 
back to that package page on drupal.

Is there any easy way to do this without resorting to htaccess.

I had a look in /controllers/package.py - line 213: 
h.redirect_to(action='read', id=pkgname).

Is it possible that I could just change that to read - 
h.redirect_to('http://www.datadotgc.ca/%s' % pkgname) ?

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