[ckan-discuss] Guidance for use of Author and Maintainer fields

Glen Barnes glen at opengovt.org.nz
Sun Aug 1 07:56:01 BST 2010

>> We will quickly come up with list of commonly used tags and we can refine based on future usage. We can then work on the presentation layer for these tags, for example one of my first recommendations would be an external uses set of tags to create links to uses of the data "in the wild":
> I think we should probably also distinguish in our terminology between
> "tags" and "extras" (i.e. extension fields).

I see what you mean. I was using two things interchangeably when I didn't mean to. To clarify:

tags = random single words to describe a dataset.

extension fields = structured data to describe a dataset out side of the core package fields. 

What I have described in my examples are extension fields. 

>> external_use:=zoodle
>> external_use:url=http://www.zoodle.co.nz
>> external_use:description=NZ Governement data is used to show property information on a map and combined with other  proprietary data
>> external_use:organisation=Zoodle Limited
>> external_use:screenshot(s)=http://some/url
>> external_use:thumbnail=http://some/url
> That's a really nice idea. BTW are these intended to be 'tags' (as in
> the tags field) or for the "extras" field.

Extension fields/custom fields. See above ;-)
> For tags we should really work out our standardization. Up until now
> we have used a rather hacky approach of key-value e.g. country-uk.
> This should clearly change since '-' gets used in "normal" tags.

Well tags by definition are just words right? I don't think we can force tags onto people. If a 'type' of tag gets used a lot then it is a candidate for an extension field? The country tag should really be an extension field right?

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