[ckan-discuss] Notification Replay

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich at pudo.org
Thu Aug 5 16:18:57 BST 2010

>> just a quick question regarding notifications: would it be possible to
>> use the domain versioning in such a way to create a full replay of all
>> notifications up to the current state?
> I was just in the middle of setting up a command to do this sort of
> thing (the existing search_index command has the ability to do
> something like this).

I've now implemented such a mechanism in cli, it can be called as
"paster notifications replay" and will emit a "changed" event for all
packages & resources.

> The one issue is you may not wish to flood the main queue with these
> notifications ....

> The real issue here is that you don't want to notify everything --
> just, in your example, the new mongo db.

These concerns are not addressed in the current version. While I'm not
worried about the queue geting jammed, maybe we should set up a
DomainObjectNotificationOperation called "rebuild"?


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