[ckan-discuss] Reminder: OKFN IRC meetup

Stefanie Doll stefanie.doll at okfn.org
Tue Aug 17 13:38:23 BST 2010

Hi all,

The weekly OKFN IRC meeting tonight at 1800 GMT/ 1900 CET  on the #okfn 
IRC channel (irc.oftc.net).

If anyone's got anything they'd like to discuss, propose or work on, 
please drop in!

Also if you're interested in helping us out with the new website and 
have any questions about the "things to fix"-list in the pad  
http://okfnpad.org/okfn-website, this is a good opportunity to talk 
about it.

Best, Stefie


Stefanie Doll
Muskauer Straße 23
10997 Berlin

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