[ckan-discuss] CKA UI Improvements #2 - search results

William Waites ww at eris.okfn.org
Wed Dec 1 19:47:54 GMT 2010

* [2010-12-01 19:41:13 +0000] Richard Cyganiak <richard at cyganiak.de> écrit:

] On 1 Dec 2010, at 16:11, Richard Pope wrote:
] >Results - Display tags for each package inline to help use choose
] >which once to click through [IS THIS POSSIBLE?]
] +1, would be great
] >Resources icons - Not very useful as a link. Better to display inline
] >the number of resources available  [IS THIS POSSIBLE?]
] Or even the list of available formats? I'd find that very useful.

ISTR from looking at performance issues a while back that doing this
involves some rather monstrous joins on the underlying SQL tables that
turned out to be very slow... Maybe this would be better with the Solr
faceted search?

William Waites
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