[ckan-discuss] Nice user URL?

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich at pudo.org
Thu Dec 2 13:27:54 GMT 2010

Hi Jonathan, 

On Nov 29, 2010, at 2:36 PM, Jonathan Gray wrote:

> How can I get a nice user URL? I've got two long ugly URLs based on
> OpenID accounts:
> http://ckan.net/user/b98b4b6c-f715-436e-9b43-0b51df23a60e
> http://ckan.net/user/f31977b2-8d62-4577-8a99-7316981c6a22

These are caused by the fact that your OpenID URL is still your user name. I would like to go through the database soon to update some user accounts with nice user names. Everyone: please let me know, if you'd like a nicer name :-) This shouldn't be possible from the user interface for various reasons (including that the revisions table needs to be updated manually to reflect the change).

As for merging users, this could probably be done with some manual effort but a risk of borking up the database in the process is given. So: lets only do this if there is a technical reason, the reputation can be re-earned ;) 

> I'd like something short and human readable, like Michael Hausenblas has:
> http://ckan.net/user/mhausenblas
> Also I'd really like to merge my two accounts, so I can proudly survey
> my gargantuan number of edits all in one place. ;-D

At your level of contributions, having a few sock puppets is a must. 

> (Also, tangentially, is it possible to aggregate account info from
> different CKAN instances? E.g. if I edit de.ckan.net or it.ckan.net,
> can I view my edits all in one place?)

There was some work on a shared accounts system a while back - we should definitely revive this effort, it would probably also make pushing packages among instances a bit easier. 


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