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Jonathan Gray wrote:
> We should keep an eye out for articles like this. ;-)
> http://radar.oreilly.com/2010/12/where-to-find-data.html
> Submitted a comment about CKAN.
> More generally, would be good to start having more proactive outreach
> to, e.g. mobile application developers, open source community, and so
> on, who may not know much about open government data...

...chiming in sideways as you mention proactive outreach to the open
source community.

Some time ago OSGeo already had some contact with oknf / ckan. One of
the three pillars of our foundation is open geodata (the others are
education and software). We are not really good at moving things there -
being software geeks anything beyond code gets neglected. But there is
always a lot of interest and everybody thinks we should do more. We do
have good outreach, many use our software and there is lots of interest
in supporting open data communities, especially for geospatial obviously.

Recently as an organizaiton we have started to create Memorandum of
Understanding with different organizations (for example OGC and CGS
Nottingham). MoU can initially be relatively low key but they provide a
basis to work from and make a good reference for press releases, at
conferences and so on.

As your goals match perfectly well with OSGeo's it might be a good idea
to work on something to this respect. What do you think?

Best regards,

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