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Sun Dec 12 18:29:16 GMT 2010

catalog record page. On (and the others once they are
upgraded) there are links to the various RDF representations and will also content-type negotiate and redirect to but there is no link to the HTML page and
visualisations - I leave that to the discretion of the other CKAN

There are some corner cases where this is not true - these old CKAN
instances don't give back a URI for the
dataset in their API calls and the result is that we end up with these
datasets being blank nodes. Hopefully they will be upgraded soon.

There is also no particular way to find out who is responsible for the
maintenance of a CKAN site and what version of the software it is
running. In practice it usually ends up being OKFN staff so sending a
message to the ckan-discuss list is likely to alert the right person,
but this is not a very scalable situation. There is a ticket to add an
API call to CKAN to address this.

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