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Sun Dec 12 18:29:16 GMT 2010

(a) Forms refactor (package done, end bits of group. Next step:
harvesting. =A0Then the one.)

(b) UKLP stands for the UK Location Programme it is a multi-million
pound initiative to get geospatial data searchable by location on the site. OKF successfully delivered Discovery Metadata
harvesting on 14th March and we got the first data publishers using
the system last week. By the 9th May we had over 600 datasets
harvested into A new release is planned for the end of
May. We hope to be rolling out the same geo-spatial and
catalogue-interoperability functionality for CKAN itself before too
long so that others can make use of it too.

(c) Data Catalog Interoperability Meeting update:

(d) The CREP proposal was accepted and we have two CREPs in progress alread=

(e) The CKAN Storage system has been rewritten - ready to use now.

Ongoing discussion from the Mailing Lists:

(a) [ckan-dev] It is important to have a list of
installed CKANs and preferably an admin contact, check-in proposal:
(chain beginning:

- This discussion is ongoing. Will try and resolve asap.


bniemannsr: I have tried to collaborate with OASIS E-Gov, CKAN,
SEMIC.EU Web Site& =A0ADMS Community, ePractice, and UDEF for this
SEMIC.EU presentation

Resolution: We agreed that once we had our "minimum interoperable
subset" spec we'd get back to him to compare with him about a phase 2.

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Open Knowledge Foundation
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