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Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Feb 8 14:15:01 GMT 2010

Dear David,

Sorry, for the delay in replying to this -- it must have slipped
through in the torrent of email! I hoped you've received the invite to
the new ckan-discuss list which I'm cc'ing in on this -- I think we
can move much of this sort of discussion there from now on ...

To respond to your specific comments:

On 31 January 2010 00:59, David Eaves <david at eaves.ca> wrote:
> Hi Rufus and Jonathan,
> Wanted to update you on a couple of things as well as ask a few questions...
> 1) ca.ckan.net install:
> First wanted to say thank you for creating a canadian ckan install for us.
> It's been great to play with and us - really helpful.

Good to know :) I think we're going to work on putting together a
proper *user* manual in the near future. I think we should locate this
on the wiki so everyone can get involved.

> 2) Possible Bug
> I think I may have found a bug on the install of ckan we are using. When
> registering a new package I noticed that if you fill out all three of the
> "Extra" fields (So all three of the "New Key" and "Value" fields) the last
> of the three doesn't get saved.

Hmm, interesting. We'll try to replicate asap and, as necessary, fix.

> 3) Customizing the "Register a New Package"
> Is it possible to customize this page? We have a couple of new fields we'd
> like everybody to fill in (We'd use the "Extra" fields and just relabel
> three of them) and, in addition, we'd like to have some more explanatory
> text. Wasn't sure if this was possible - not hard to work around but thought
> we'd check in.

It's pretty easy. We've recently done work for the data.gov.uk to do
exactly this kind of thing for data.gov.uk packages (a specialized
registration page). Someone was also interested in having a location
field on each page so we've actually been thinking of making this
whole area "pluggable".

> 4) Started to put data in.
> We've started to add some data, trying different data sets from different
> levels of government to see how they work. Only 5 in at the moment... but
> we've started.

Great to hear. As you no doubt know you can also import data direct
from an excel spreadsheet or via your own scripts using the web api.

> Hope this is helpful and thanks for being so great about answering our
> questions and helping us out - hope we can help advance the CKAN project.

Look forward to having your participation :)



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