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Luke Closs luke.closs at socialtext.com
Thu Feb 11 17:12:04 GMT 2010

Great, can one of the ca.ckan.net admins upgrade our install?


On 2010-02-11, at 4:30 AM, David Read wrote:

> David,
> Thanks for alerting us to this issue. I tried to reproduce it like you
> said and couldn't with recent code, so I think it has been fixed along
> the way. Do try updating your code - I suggest you use the 'stable'
> branch of ckan. If this continues to be a problem then do let us know
> and we'll probe further. Many thanks,
> David
>>> 2) Possible Bug
>>> I think I may have found a bug on the install of ckan we are using. When
>>> registering a new package I noticed that if you fill out all three of the
>>> "Extra" fields (So all three of the "New Key" and "Value" fields) the last
>>> of the three doesn't get saved.
>> Hmm, interesting. We'll try to replicate asap and, as necessary, fix.
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