[ckan-discuss] Suggestion: better visibility of Ontologies

Christophe Guéret christophe.gueret at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 12:03:27 GMT 2010


I received a call from the NeON people to contribute in building this list
of ontologies : http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/Ontology:Main
This made me think that there is no much visibility for ontologies on CKAN.
There are some and the only way I found to spot them is to look for the tag
Would it make sens to make a distinction between data packages and ontology
packages on the main page of CKAN ?
This would help finding ontologies and also would position CKAN as both a
data catalog and ontology/vocabulary/schema catalog (like schemaweb).


Dr. Christophe Guéret (cgueret at few.vu.nl)
Postdoc working on SOKS (http://www.few.vu.nl/soks)
Knowledge Representation & Reasoning Group
Computational Intelligence Group
Department of Computer Science, AI
VU University Amsterdam
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