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Luke Closs luke.closs at socialtext.com
Thu Feb 25 00:17:51 GMT 2010

Hey gang,

I just built my first little mashup using the CKAN API and it totally rocks.  It was SO easy to use, I spent more time figuring out how to graph the data than it took me to get the data.

(For reference, my code is here: http://gist.github.com/312009 and the graph that it produces is here: http://5z8.info/cockfights_g6q8s_freeanimalporn.com-start-download)

So thank you all very much for building a SANE, SIMPLE ReST API that uses JSON.  I love it.

Is there any plan to add webhooks to CKAN?  I would love to be able to set up webhooks for actions within CKAN so that it could trigger me to re-create some charts, so I wouldn't need to poll the server.  I think this would be valuable for the CKAN community.

As an example, FreshBooks just announced a really sweet Webhook API that could be a good model: http://developers.freshbooks.com/blog/view/keep_in_sync_with_freshbooks_webhooks/


* Sorry about the shadyurl, I just couldn't help myself.
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