[ckan-discuss] CKAN client examples

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Thu Feb 25 11:51:16 GMT 2010

David Read wrote:
> Many thanks to Sean and Luke for your code examples for accessing
> CKAN. I've collected these and a couple of OKFN clients into a wiki
> page to help people find these examples going forward:
> http://wiki.okfn.org/ckan/related
> PHP, Perl and Python - it's great to see examples covering all of these!

It's a nice list - I agree it's very encouraging. The Python ckanclient 
was factored out from datapkg because I imagined it would be useful 
elsewhere (and possibly in future ported to other languages).


Secondly, I mention this because a very similar situation is arising 
with the plan for servicizing licenses data (CKAN essentially servicizes 
information about data sets). We have a plan to set up a little 
"licenses" service and I reckon again that it would again make sense to 
have a "licensesclient" (one for each language) just like ckanclient.


Anyway, the current specification of the licenses service is copied in 
below (but I didn't so far write any requirements for the licensesclient).

The service shall:
* present a set of all license objects, optionally restricted by tag or 
* present each license with fields: permanent and unique license id, 
full name, short name, compliance with open definition, compliance with 
OSI, tags, family, license url, maintainer, date created, status.
* never remove a license once it has been issued, although licenses may 
be marked as deprecated by changing status.
* upgrade service scheme only by augmenting current service with a new 
service at a new location (distinguished by a service version number).

So, if you would expect anything else from such a "licenses service", 
please let me know ASAP. Please let me know also if you might be 
interested in crafting a licensesclient.

Thirdly, it appears to me that the next level would be a similar 
servicization of other data sets registered on CKAN. It appears there is 
a "data servicization" path to be paved.

Best wishes,


PS I couldn't find the licenses package on CKAN. If ckanclient is 
registered (for some reason) so I would have thought the licenses 
package would be there (because it actually has data). Did I miss it?

PPS What's the function of the trailing "+»" in that search URL?

> David

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