[ckan-discuss] Search API call

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Feb 25 22:03:58 GMT 2010

On 25 February 2010 16:40, Colin Calnan <colin at raisedeyebrow.com> wrote:
> First off, Sean, you are a legend over here at Raised Eyebrow, we plugged in
> that module yesterday, having spent an hour and a half working on our own
> and were about 10% of the way there, now we're 99% of the way there.
> However, it seems like there is a problem with the search call on
> ca.ckan.net. I get a 500 error when calling
> http://ca.ckan.net/api/search/package/?all_fields=1&q=vancouver
> Can anyone help with this?

Very odd. Also seems to happen on all other queries that return
results. Server error is:

Error - <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>: unbound method __unicode__()
must be called with Package instance as first argument (got nothing

We'll look into this asap. In the mean time, this does not look to be
an issue on other ckan instances so can I suggest you try developing
against against http://test.ckan.net/, e.g. try:




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