[ckan-discuss] What open data projects could use storage/bandwidth? (Proposal for 'Open Data Labs')

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Wed Jul 7 12:54:21 BST 2010

Hi all,

We (Open Data Network / Open Knowledge Foundation) currently have an
opportunity to receive support for storage and bandwidth for open data
/ open government data related projects which need it.

We have started brainstorming on a project tentatively dubbed 'Open
Data Labs', which would be an umbrella project for various bits and
pieces we need storage/bandwidth for. We are currently brainstorming
for things which we could use this for -- so if you have any ideas,
please add them to:


We will probably pick one or two ideas to focus on and draft a more
detailed proposal. Personally very keen to see ideas which
extend/build on CKAN! ;-)

All the best,


= Open Data Labs =

A project for leading open government data developers and reusers to
work on key technologies related to the discovery, storage, analysis
and visualisation of open data -- particularly open government data.

== Summary of different ideas ==

  * Data registries -- metadata about open datasets
  * Versioning for data
  * Processing (Format conversion, MapReduce, ...)
  * Federated search within multiple repositories/registries
  * Experimentation with linked open data
  * Archiving datasets and publishing in new formats
  * [Insert your idea here...]

== Specific proposals in more detail ==

=== Open data archiving/mirroring ===

Automatically downloading and storing data packages from CKAN. Scripts
to scrape and store open data which is currently not available in bulk
(e.g. working with ScraperWiki).

=== Open data formatting ===

Atomatic batch conversion of CKAN data packages to different formats.

=== Tools for analysis/visualisation ===

Basic tools for automated analysis/visualisation of datasets.

=== [Add your idea here] ===

[Idea text...]

Jonathan Gray

Community Coordinator
The Open Knowledge Foundation


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