[ckan-discuss] New Zealand CKAN Instance - API errors

Glen Barnes glen at opengovt.org.nz
Fri Jul 23 11:11:56 BST 2010

I've been working on getting the existing NZ catalogue migrated over to CKAN and have come across some issues. About 10 records were created via the API but now I can't seem to create any new ones. I've pasted a Gist with the connections I am making: 

I basically do a get on the resource to see if it exists and if it doesn't then do a post to the api with the new package data (note I have deleted my key from the gist) for security reasons. I can do a get on an existing package "GET /api/2/rest/package/test"   and this returns the right data but posting won't work - It gives a 500 server error.

Any ideas of what could be wrong? Also when it 404's on the API it gives you back an HTML 404 page. Shouldn't it give you back a JSON formatted 404 instead?

Any pointers most appreciated.


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