[ckan-discuss] Linking third-party interfaces

David Read david.read at okfn.org
Tue Jun 1 17:23:04 BST 2010

We've got plenty of partners who are keen to integrate CKAN into a
third-party interface, perhaps to add blogs, wikis and other community
features and branding. We're now exploring the best way to allow a
third-party interface to link to the CKAN's package editing pages. The
Canadian site http://datadotgc.ca/ has achieved this already and I've
sketched out an API for other sites to do this:

Here's an example:

1. The front-end links to CKAN with the 'return_to' URL parameter:
(but with the parameter URL-encoded)

2. The user submits the form to CKAN and it redirects the user to the
new package on the front-end:

Feedback is most welcome as ever,

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