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Sat Jun 12 04:20:49 BST 2010

Glen -

On 12 June 2010 11:38, Glen Barnes <glen at opengovt.org.nz> wrote:

> Harvesting other Catalogues
> At the moment we don't harvest data from any other catalogues but I do want
> to start by getting access to the data.govt.nz dataset (they used ours as
> a base for theirs when they set it up). and using these external catalogues
> as the canonical versions if that makes sense (augmented by local
> information that they may not want to share like contact names and pricing).
> Data Migration
> As mentioned above the catalogue is in WordPress right now so it will have
> to be migrated to the CKAN format. The database is WordPress formatted with
> some custom form plugins so it is readable but hooking up the tables takes a
> little bit of work trying to work out the right keys to join on. When we get
> to the migration step I can give people a copy. I don't want to publish this
> anywhere on the net as it does have email addresses of people in some of the
> tables. Let me know via a direct email if you want to have a look at it.
This is quite timely. I am on the finishing touches of a few scrapers to
extract all data from data.govt.nz and data.australia.gov.au.

I was planning on just sending it all to the global CKAN - so there should
be a few hundred extra entries in there by the end of the day.

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