[ckan-discuss] ckan + wordpress?

David Read david.read at okfn.org
Tue Jun 15 16:27:34 BST 2010


Sean Burlington has released a PHP client, so getting data from CKAN
to Wordpress should not a problem. See all the various clients here:

There's plenty of interest in CKAN working with other software and we
provide plenty of support for this. I suggest you harness the two key
areas where CKAN is very strong (see below). Any features that you
want to add in Wordpress (or whatever) - say a blog, comments and a
wiki could easily integrate with themed html served by CKAN.

1. backend - CKAN stores metadata well, providing a large array of
tools for getting at it - a RESTful API, search API, feeds and soon
callbacks too. There's authorization and customisable access control.
You can see the history of changes, see who made them, do diffs, undo
changes, sync CKANs. Tools for imports and exports.

2. frontend - completely customisable web front-end,
internationalisation, customisable validating edit forms.


2010/6/15 Olav Anders Øvrebø <olav at oov.no>:
> I know that CKAN has been integrated with Drupal (data.gov.uk). But has
> anyone tried to use Wordpress for the same end - i.e. "extending" CKAN with
> a content management system? Wordpress is a really good system now and many
> developers know it well. Could it work? Pros and cons?
> Regards, Olav
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