[ckan-discuss] Installation issues

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Thu Jun 24 09:30:05 BST 2010

Tim McNamara wrote:
> At the risk of exposing some ignorance, I thought I would share my
> difficulties with installing CKAN locally.
> I've been attempting to follow the instructions in the docs [1], but have
> not yet been able to get things sorted.
> My first issue was that some, of the pip install were failing. I ended up
> installing the dependencies globally with the Ubuntu packages. I was
> surprised that this hadn't been encountered by anyone else. I don't have the
> list with me here. I'll attempt to recreate the problem when I get home with
> a clean virtualenv.

We're having trouble at the moment running our buildbot, because one of 
the dependencies (OpenID) has become unavailable in the last week. We've 
been in touch with the group concerned, and they are trying to rectify 
the problem.


> Once that was solved, these instructions were quite confusing to me [note:
> I've just reread README after a few days' absence and I think I just
> misinterpreted things stupidly last week]:

I sympathise, and think that these steps (and the documentation) could 
much less confusing....

> 3. Make a config file as follows:
>> # NB: you need to activate the virtualenv
> paster --plugin ckan make-config ckan {your-config.ini}

It normally works, perhaps something like the following might be 
slightly more optimal from new user's point of view.

ckan-makeconfig > {your-config.ini}

Best wishes,


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