[ckan-discuss] update CKAN Norway

Olav Anders Øvrebø olav at oov.no
Mon Mar 15 12:04:13 GMT 2010

Hi John,

> I just created a Python class which reads your spreadsheet into CKAN:
> http://knowledgeforge.net/ckan/trac/browser/ckan/getdata/aidinfo.py#L447
> It's just a by-product of another project, but I've checked it works. 
> If it looks useful, please let me know and I'll repackage that code so 
> it's more convenient. As it stands, you'll need to download that file 
> and then run something like:

Thanks a lot, that's great! I have one problem though; I don't think I'm 
IT competent enough to do the import, so I'll need help with that as 
well, I'm afraid. Please tell me if that is something you could do or if 
I should ask someone at my univ. department.

Best regards,

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