[ckan-discuss] Updated content of Spanish Ckan instance

Javier de la Cueva jdelacueva at derecho-internet.org
Sun Nov 14 15:06:49 GMT 2010

I have updated content of Spanish Ckan instance [1] with data of
Proyecto Aporta [2], which is Spanish Central Government Open Data
Catalog [3].

Nothing of interest in this catalog, which is a csv file with fields
pointing to urls of governmental or legislative bodies websites, mainly
search pages. I have randomly navigated around the information and
obtained some 404 errors so, although the catalog was updated today by
the Administration, it seems not to be in good standing.

My next plans are to insert information from Asturias, Zaragoza,
Gobierno Vasco and Generalitat de Cataluña, so to keep updated as much
as possible.

I also included metadata in csv files of all Spanish laws since 1978 [4]
which I had to build from scratch as there are no apis available.

[1] http://opengov.es
[2] http://www.aporta.es/
[3] http://www.aporta.es/BuscadorCatalogos/descarga.jsp
[4] http://opengov.es/tag/ley

Javier de la Cueva

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