[ckan-discuss] Updated content of Spanish Ckan instance

Javier de la Cueva jdelacueva at derecho-internet.org
Tue Nov 16 22:12:39 GMT 2010

El 16/11/10 21:01, Rufus Pollock escribió:
> Just to say: amazing work!

CKAN is such a good piece of software that it was terribly easy to use
its API :-) Thank you for your code!

> One thing we hope to work on this week during the CKAN "sprint" is the
> cross ckan search functionality (currently living but not-up-to-date
> at http://search.ckan.net/) and it seems like inclusion of opengov.es
> should be top of our list!

Good then. I was not aware of search.ckan.net, now I am looking forward
to have a minute to peek into the code.

Javier de la Cueva

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