[ckan-discuss] New name for ckan.net: call for proposals

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sat Nov 20 13:13:50 GMT 2010

Speaking with people about CKAN.net over the last year it has been
clear that the name CKAN / Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network
does a poor job describing what the site does (it's far too geeky and
hard to spell!)

We are therefore issuing a call for proposals for a new name / domain
name for CKAN.net!

Once we have a shortlist we'll put up a doodle poll and the community
can vote on their preferred option.,

## CKAN Tagline

Related to this, thought on a better 'tagline' describing the purpose
of ckan.net is also needed (and any general thoughts on what people
think the core purpose is that this tagline should capture).
Suggestions please!

## CKAN Software Name - No Change

NB: we do *not* plan to change the name of the underlying software
which will remain CKAN.

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