[ckan-discuss] New home for CKAN *software* project: http://ckan.org

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Nov 24 13:46:10 GMT 2010

At the sprint last week it was proposed to have a 'proper' home for
the CKAN *software* and it was proposed to move from the existing
<http://knowledegeforge.net/ckan/trac/> to:


I am pleased to say this site is now active. For the time being, we're
going to continue using a simple trac instance as it provides most of
the functionality we need -- any suggestions for improvements, a
better home-page, a new-theme, etc, are gratefully received.

### Important caveats

*Random trac errors*: trac is currently occasionally throwing random
errors (e.g. ... __dict__ not accessible). These disappear on a reload
or a resubmission of a form so please ignore (and I'll continue
working to get them resolved -- think it is some clash between modwsgi
and modpython ...)

*Existing users of trac*: As ckan.org is not 'behind' knowledgeforge
we cannot use knowledgeforge's authentication facilities. You will
therefore need to either request a new password (go to login and
select forgot password) or re-register. Apologies for this
inconvenience (which I spent some time trying, unsuccessfully, to work



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