[ckan-discuss] API For Package Name

Richard Cyganiak richard at cyganiak.de
Wed Nov 24 13:59:24 GMT 2010

Hi John,

On 24 Nov 2010, at 14:36, John Bywater wrote:
> In order to document the sole purpose of the so-called "slug", it  
> seems to makes good sense instead to use the designation "package  
> name" rather than "slug". Hence:
> Resources: /api/model/package_name/{string}
> Methods: GET
> Response data formats: Package-Name
> Status codes: 200, 500

The CKAN API is indeed very nice. It's not very RESTful though.  
RESTful APIs use hyperlinks to point to related resources. The CKAN  
API doesn't use hyperlinks but refers to related resources by group  
name, revision ID, or package name instead.

In that spirit, wouldn't it be more appropriate to have a complete  
package URL as the response data format of this call?


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