[ckan-discuss] CKAN integration with gridworks / refine

Richard Cyganiak richard at cyganiak.de
Sat Nov 27 21:13:15 GMT 2010

On 27 Nov 2010, at 18:45, Rufus Pollock wrote:
> ### Scenario 1
> 1. User installs Refine and CKAN extension for refine
> 2. On booting refine and asked to load data they can choose from any
> data package on CKAN.net (or any other CKAN instance)
> 3. They edit the dataset on Refine
> 4. On save (or perhaps as a separate option) they are prompted as to
> whether they wish  to sync the dataset back to CKAN (either as a new
> package or as a new resource on the existing package)

I'd like to work on this one. The other scenario with a hosted version  
of CKAN would also be great, and there's work at data.gov.uk on  
running a hosted version of Refine, but I suppose this might be step 2.

> NB: for the dataset sync back some form of "CKAN" storage would be
> required (we already have storage.ckan.net running but a closer
> integration would be required)

What's the status of storage.ckan.net and what would have to happen  
before it could be used for hosting (low amounts of) derived data?

On 27 Nov 2010, at 18:51, William Waites wrote:
> I think this is very clearly a *new* dataset derived from the old
> one. We should even try to keep around the javascript blob that
> refine uses to express the modifications that were made so that
> it could be repeated if necessary, or checked or whatever.

+1 to both points.

I keep hearing that CKAN has (for low values of “has”, perhaps)  
something called “package relationships” that could perhaps be handy  
here. Can someone fill in the details?

On 27 Nov 2010, at 20:31, Benoit Boissinot wrote:
> FYI, there is a discussion going on in the Google Refine mailing list
> (Subject is "Collaborating on Open Data with Google Refine").

Thanks for the heads-up Benoit. I'll go subscribe.


> ### Scenario 2
> 1. User visits a package on CKAN.net (or another CKAN instance)
> 2. There is a button on the page "View and edit this dataset in  
> Google Refine"
> 3. Click button -- ask them if they have Google refine installed
>  * Yes: instructions for loading dataset into refine
>  * No: load dataset in hosted version of google refine (we could run  
> this)
> 4. User edits dataset and hits save. As in previous scenario they are
> prompted to sync the dataset.

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