[ckan-discuss] Geospatial metadata in CKAN

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Thu Oct 28 13:03:33 BST 2010

Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Gray wrote:
> Just a quick ping to see how things are going on adding support for
> geospatial metadata in CKAN?
> John, Jo, others: it would be great to have a quick update on what is
> happening on this front! ;-)

Within its harvesting model CKAN now has an Open Geospatial Consortium® 
(OGC) Catalogue Service Web (CSW) client, which provides support for 
harvesting GEMINI2 documents from CSW servers.

That means CKAN can now pull geospatial metadata from tools like 
GeoNetwork and ArcGIS.

CKAN can also harvest GEMINI2 documents from Web accessible folders, and 
from individual files.

A minimal server CSW interface will be implemented in the Spring.

The CKAN's CSW server interface is not planned to be a full 
implementation of CSW, just the capabilities needed to make it possible 
to harvest geospatial metadata using CSW.

Then, it will be possible to harvest geospatial metadata from CKAN using 
tools like GeoNetwork and ArcGIS.

CKAN package extras with be used to store the GEMINI2 attributes: West 
Bounding Longitude, East Bounding Longitude, South Bounding Latitude, 
and South Bounding Latitude. Spatial searches will use those attributes.

Other geospatial attributes of GEMINI2 will also be stored in a 
package's extras, such as Extent, Spatial Resolution, Equivalent Scale.

Best wishes,


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