[ckan-discuss] Global Open Data hackathon

David Eaves david at eaves.ca
Fri Oct 29 09:18:00 BST 2010

Okay, the more this idea gets talked about the more enthusiastic people 
become. Given the excitement, I've decided to take all my thinking and 
shove it into a blog post here 

There are now over 20 people on this email so I've bcced people to 
ensure privacy and to encourage us to move over to a listserve (see below).

There are now enough of us involved that I think we should move any 
discussion to an actual list... Jonathan has volunteered the Open 
Knowledge Foundation's Open Government List 
<http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/open-government>, which I think 
makes sense.

If you are interested this is all going to be locally driven, so I say 
let's use the Etherpad that Jonathan has offered up 
<http://opengovernmentdata.okfnpad.org/hackathon> to find one another 

Hope this sits well with everyone. We may have started something here. 
Anyone want to help me get a page up?

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