[ckan-discuss] i18n updates for latest ckan code

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sun Oct 31 01:47:33 BST 2010


I have just updated the ckan i18n to be up to date with the latest
codebase. The number of changes are relatively minimal but translators
should have a look through.

I note that the source po files (but not the transifex web interface
AFAICT) indicate where changes have occurred to the english text by
providing the old english text prefaced by:



#| msgid "" "%(title)s is a registry of \n" "      [1:open data and content]\n"
#| "      packages. Harnessing the CKAN software, this site makes it easy to\n"
#| "      find, share and reuse open content and data,\n" "      especially in
#| ways that are machine automatable."

This particular example is important because it is from the front page
and I had to delete from some po files as it was causing problems for
transifex (as it failed msgfmt -c ...). The other example I had to
delete in some files (why some and not others I don't know!):

#| msgid "" "OpenID is service that allows you to log-on to many different
#| websites\n" "      using a single indentity. Find out [1:more\n" "
#| about OpenID] and [2:how to get an\n" "      OpenID enabled account].
#| Probably the simplest way is sign up with " "a\n" "      free OpenID
#| provider such as [3:https://www.myopenid.com/]."



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