[ckan-discuss] Next version of the LOD cloud diagram. Please provide input, so that your dataset is included.

William Waites william.waites at okfn.org
Wed Sep 8 18:56:20 BST 2010

On 10-09-08 18:36, Leigh Dodds wrote:
> Hi,
> I've updated several packagea and knot had any issues. While CKAN may
> not be to everyone's taste, it's a much, much better than the previous
> approaches which were largely opaque

Thank you for this Leigh.

> The fact that we will now have more structured data describing the
> cloud so that it can be analysed is another big win. Converting the
> data to RDF is easy. The CKAN API is simple and easy to use.

In fact, for python hackers, there is http://bitbucket.org/ww/ckanrdf
which is another kettle of fish, but it will crawl the CKAN API and
put a DCAT representation into an rdflib store (the precise way this
is handled -- see http://ordf.org/ is another topic that I would be
very happy to discuss). Anyone is, of course, perfectly welcome to
roll their own as was done for the current LOD work.

> Maybe the grumbling can be converted into useful contributions to the
> CKAN code base, which is open source and being used by a number of
> different organisations. No one ga bothered to create anything better
> in the past, so using what's available and looking for ways to improve
> it seems like a more constructive approach IMHO.

I would suggest that unless there is particular interest on the
public-lod list about the workings of CKAN and how it could be
improved that we could continue discussion on the
ckan-discuss at lists.okfn.org list. Contributions of code, ideas and
(constructive) criticism alike are more than welcome.


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