[ckan-discuss] Next version of the LOD cloud diagram. Please provide input, so that your dataset is included.

Richard Cyganiak richard at cyganiak.de
Thu Sep 9 05:43:50 BST 2010

On 9 Sep 2010, at 01:59, William Waites wrote:
>> My question was: since you don't like email form fields, which form
>> fields would you prefer to see instead?
> ... and there should be zero or more such author
> fields
> ... and it must be possible for an attribute of author
> to refer to some other entity (a good example would
> be their organisational affiliation, which would
> be itself identified by a URI, which could itself
> have attributes...).
> I'm not really expecting CKAN to do this at the present
> stage, just trying to give you an idea of the shape
> of the data being treated by the linked data people
> (and the ISO19139/INSPIRE/GEMINI2 crowd as well)

As one of the linked data people, here's the shape of data that I'd  
like to see in the CKAN form:

- Name
- Affiliation/Organization
- Email
- Homepage/URL

Put a note along the lines of: “In the case of multiple publishers/ 
authors, provide details for the primary contact only.”

Consider removing the Maintainer fields, because it is currently  
entirely unclear how that field is to be used for data packages. As  
long as CKAN doesn't actually *host* installation scripts or converted  
versions of packages, the concept of Maintainership for a package  
makes no sense to me.


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