[ckan-discuss] Why is the bibbase package deleted?

Richard Cyganiak richard at cyganiak.de
Sun Sep 26 11:09:06 BST 2010

On 26 Sep 2010, at 09:39, Rufus Pollock wrote:
>>> This is a known 'feature'. The logic is that someone with higher
>>> privileges (e.g. sysadmin) could look at this package. There has  
>>> already
>>> been suggestion that from user perspective a 404 would make more  
>>> sense.
>> It appears that the web front-end was implemented using the same  
>> logic: When
>> I go to http://ckan.net/package/bibbase, then it redirects me to my  
>> user
>> page (I am already logged in). I suppose the idea is that a user  
>> might
>> possibly have another set of credentials with different permissions?
> I agree that if you are already logged in redirecting you isn't
> useful. But what about if you aren't logged in? Should you get a 404
> (since package deleted) or redirected to login page as you may have
> permission to edit?

If someone tries to access a deleted package and is not logged in,  
there are three possible scenarios:

- He or she has credentials with the necessary permissions, so they  
could view the package after logging in
- He or she has credentials, but without the necessary permissions, so  
after logging in they still couldn't access the package
- He or she has no CKAN credentials at all, so can't/won't log in

Forwarding to the login page is the right thing in the first scenario,  
but confusing or unhelpful in the second and third. The second and  
third are more likely to occur, because for any given package, users  
without admin rights by far outnumber uses with admin rights.

So I'd recommend the 404 response regardless of whether the agent is  
logged in.


> Rufus
>> Richard
>>>> I am skipping over it for the time being, but I was wondering if  
>>>> there
>>>> might be something wrong, or if it is in some embargoed space. I  
>>>> can't
>>>> seem to find it in CKAN proper, but it is in the lodcloud group:
>>>>   http://ckan.net/api/rest/group/lodcloud
>>> If it is indeed deleted then this is a 'bug' in that it should not
>>> show up there.
>>>> Oh, and thanks for the sunburst example. I've been fishing around  
>>>> for
>>>> examples of how to manipulate the visualization with external
>>>> controls.
>>> Not at all. I'm also playing around a lot with hierarchical data but
>>> that is off-topic!
>>> Rufus
>>>> //Ed
>>>> On Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 6:47 AM, Rufus Pollock <rufus.pollock at okfn.org 
>>>> >
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> On 23 September 2010 06:18, Ed Summers <ehs at pobox.com> wrote:
>>>>>> It was awesome to see that the new LOD Cloud leverages data in  
>>>>>> CKAN. I
>>>>>> really like the idea of driving more people to documenting  
>>>>>> Linked Data
>>>>>> packages on CKAN in order to get their content into the LOD  
>>>>>> Cloud.
>>>>>> I have been doing a bit of playing around with the Protovis  
>>>>>> JavaScript
>>>>>> library recently to visualize owl:sameAs links in the Billion  
>>>>>> Triple
>>>>>> Challenge dataset [1]. It's pretty easy to use, at least in the
>>>>> That's fantastic. I've been *really* impressed by protovis and  
>>>>> that's
>>>>> a really nice usage of their force directed layout!
>>>>> (I've been using protovis for where does my money go sutff e.g.:
>>>>> <http://www.wheredoesmymoneygo.org/wdmmg-js/src/sunburst.html>)
>>>>>> simplistic way I have been playing around with it. I thought it  
>>>>>> would
>>>>>> be fun to use the same approach to graphing the LOD Cloud using  
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> CKAN API. So I went and did it [2]. The fact that it only took  
>>>>>> an hour
>>>>>> or so was all due to the way you have leveraged CKAN, and CKAN's
>>>>>> lovely REST API.
>>>>> Thanks :)
>>>>>> While processing the data I think I noticed 50 packages in the
>>>>>> lodcloud group which referenced other CKAN packages
>>>>>> (package['extras']['links:*'] in the json) that were not also  
>>>>>> in the
>>>>>> lodcloud group. I didn't actually dig in to see if they are  
>>>>>> definitely
>>>>>> on CKAN, but at least a few of them already were. I haven't been
>>>>>> following the earlier discussion too closely, to know if this is
>>>>>> already a known issue. I'd be willing to help add the packages  
>>>>>> to the
>>>>>> lodcloud group if you are looking for an extra set of hands.
>>>>> Richard's answered on this so I won't add anything (plus he's the
>>>>> expert!).
>>>>> [...]
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> rufus
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