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Amazing. I think we should *definitely* put something together for
this. Preferably on a vision for geospatial data stuff in CKAN, and
how this could be used to support a flourishing open data ecosystem.

Jo: What do you think? Interested in leading a draft (with input from
other CKAN folks)? Deadline is 24th February.

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> Subject:        INSPIRE Conference 2011: Call for Papers
> Date:   Tue, 18 Jan 2011 15:12:02 +0100
> From:   Karen Fullerton <karen.fullerton at jrc.ec.europa.eu>
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> The INSPIRE Conference 2011 will take place from *27th June to 1st July
> 2011 *in Edinburgh, Scotland. The theme of this year's edition is
> "*INSPIREd by 2020 - Contributing to smart, sustainable and inclusive
> growth*"
> In 2010, the European Union renewed its commitment to 'knowledge-based'
> sustainable development by putting forward three mutually reinforcing
> priorities in the Europe 2020 Strategy:
>    * Smart growth: developing an economy based on knowledge and
>      innovation;
>    * Sustainable growth: promoting a more resource efficient, greener
>      and more competitive economy;
>    * Inclusive growth: fostering a high-employment economy delivering
>      social and territorial cohesion.
> This edition of the INSPIRE Conference offers an opportunity to explore
> INSPIRE's contribution to Europe's 2020 strategic goals and to root it's
> further implementation and development in the EU 2020 follow-up programmes.
>    * INSPIRE for Sustainable Growth calls for ideas and demonstrations
>      of INSPIRE's contribution to resource efficiency and greenhouse
>      gas reductions. For protecting the environment and preventing
>      biodiversity loss. For strengthening the resilience to climate
>      risks, and disaster prevention and response capacities.
>    * INSPIRE for Smart Growth explores INSPIRE's contribution to
>      Europe's Digital Agenda and more in particular it's role in
>      eGovernment and the development of eEnvironment services.
>    * INSPIRE for Inclusive Growth - opens new avenues for INSPIRE in
>      the context of New Skills for New Jobs. It calls for an
>      exploration on the kind of jobs and the potential for job creation
>      related to INSPIRE. What skills and competences are needed? What
>      kind of education and training is needed? What kind of INSPIRE
>      applications can help people integrate in the communities where
>      they live?
> In addition to these 3 exploratory chapters, the INSPIRE Conference will
> examine and report on the progress being made in the development and
> implementation of INSPIRE Directive and Implementing Rules.
> Topics for which contributions are sought include, but are not limited to,
>    * INSPIRE Implementation: Legislative measures, coordination and
>      organisational models
>    * INSPIRE and the global context: Global Monitoring for Environment
>      and Security, Global Earth Observation System of Systems, SEIS,
>    * Environmental Thematic communities and applications (The Marine
>      Environment, Biodiversity, agriculture and environment, human
>      health and environment, energy resources, cross thematic
>      applications...)
>    * Licensing frameworks
>    * GeoPortals and registries
>    * Social, economic and environmental impact
>    * Education and awareness raising
>    * Regional and Local SDIs
>    * Trans-national SDI projects (including EU (co-)funded projects)
>    * New policies, new requirements, new stakeholders
>    * New and Evolving tools and technologies (Sensor web, linked data ...)
>    * Spatial Data Services
> We are particularly interested in accounts of what works, and what does
> not work, what are perceived benefits for policy, public administration,
> citizens and the private sector. Proposals will be evaluated by the
> programme committee and those accepted will be included in programme and
> published in the on-line conference proceedings.
> More information is available on the INSPIRE Conference website:
> http://inspire.jrc.ec.europa.eu/events/conferences/inspire_2011/?page=call_for_papers
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