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Lin Clark lin.w.clark at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 13:14:48 BST 2011

Hi all,

Just noticed the discussion on the list... I was wondering, is there any
central coordination of the efforts that CKAN is putting into Drupal?

I ask because there is a module that says it "is the only CKAN-endorsed
Drupal module." It is still a sandbox project, not a full project.


However, two other modules were recently posted as well which say they are
official. One of them is a full project, the other is a sandbox (without


It is great to have all these projects, but right now there isn't a clear
way to interact with the projects.

If there is a plan, it might be worth posting a message to the relevant
groups on http://groups.drupal.org. This will help you find other
contributors, many of whom have extensive experience with the Drupal APIs (I
personally would be happy to be an early user and post/review patches). It
will also make clear to the community what functionality they have access to
at this point and what they can get excited about for the future.


If you need help figuring out good ways to engage the Drupal community, I'd
be happy to be part of a discussion. I know a number of people are quite
excited for this integration, so I think it could get community support.


Lin Clark
DERI, NUI Galway <http://www.deri.ie/>

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