[ckan-discuss] Questions for "RDF/XML" of CKAN page

Koro NISHIKATA koro at base.riken.jp
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Dear David!

Thank you for your reply quickly and appropriate advice.
I understood very much.
You helped me a great deal.

Best regards,

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2011/7/15 Koro NISHIKATA <koro at base.riken.jp>:
> Dear all of CKAN discuss mailing list,
> Hello, nice to meet you.
> I am a new member of this mailing list, "Koro NISHIKATA".

Welcome Koro!

> I have a question about "the Data Hub API / datapkg" section of CKAN page.
>  http://ckan.net/package/biolod-pdb
> Can a user register data to "RDF/XML" ?
> Or automatically produced after register or editing ?

CKAN accepts data via a number of ways:
* the Web page form
* API (JSON format)
* harvesters (INSPIRE, custom formats, etc)

So you are correct - we don't accept RDF/XML. This format is one of
the exported formats, derived from the raw data.


>  http://semantic.ckan.net/record//be684dad-b24a-4f59-b8e2-969229200c63.rdf
> Best regard,
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