[ckan-discuss] Atom/RSS feed of tagged packages or search results?

Tim Davies tim at practicalparticipation.co.uk
Thu Jul 21 17:18:32 BST 2011


I'd like to embed the CKAN/DataHub listing of all the 'aidinfo' tagged
datasets (http://ckan.net/package?tags=aidinfo) into the
http://www.aidinfolabs.org website (which is running Wordpress)

I've looked at the API docs, and at the docs on available feeds from CKAN,
and can't see an easy way to do this.

Ideally I need either:

   - A simple API call which will return full details (or at least title,
   description and URL) of all the packages with a given tag. Ideally I
   wouldn't have to iterate through loads of packages to get their full details
   - as this would take a while

   - An atom feed of all the things with a tag - but just the listing,
   rather than the 'revisions' feeds currently available for the whole site.

Are either of these currently possible? Or easy to implement? Or is there
another way I could do the embedding I need?

All the best



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