[ckan-discuss] ckan.net package administrator

estebansota at gnoss.com estebansota at gnoss.com
Thu Jul 28 17:46:56 BST 2011

My apologies if this is not the correct list to ask about this problem.

I wonder if you can help me to know who administers the GNOSS package
(http://ckan.net/package/gnoss). I thought we created the package with one
of our google accounts. In fact, if I log with that account, I note that
the first 3 editions of gnoss package are made with it. But I cannot
access the Administration tab, to limit who can edit the package.

Is it some kind of error? How can we get the permission to administer the

Thanks in advance and sorry again if it is not the right place to ask this.


Esteban Sota

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