[ckan-discuss] LOD integration

agandara1 at miners.utep.edu agandara1 at miners.utep.edu
Wed Jun 1 17:22:11 BST 2011

I hope this question is not too vague.  I am really looking for information in understanding the integration of our data.

We have
 our data superficially curated, for the most part, on a data site.  We 
are looking to extract some of the data content, from the data, and make
 it available for searching in RDF.  This information will be hosted on 
our server and will be accessible for RDF browsing.  We are also looking
 into reconciling some of this data to other sources, e.g. freebase.  
... That is the bigger picture.

What I need to know is what would it take to be part of the LOD cloud that you have at  http://richard.cyganiak.de/2007/10/lod/

 only way I see this happening is by either creating a CKAN Hub (still 
in alpha ?) or uploading All of this metadata to a CKAN package.

Am I correct?


Aida Gandara 
PhD Student 
Computer Science 
University of Texas at El Paso 
agandara1 at miners.utep.edu

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