[ckan-discuss] CKAN documentation plans - please comment!

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Jun 20 11:35:25 BST 2011

On 20 June 2011 11:18, David Read <david.read at okfn.org> wrote:
> On 19 June 2011 17:18, Rufus Pollock <rufus.pollock at okfn.org> wrote:
>>> From the wiki, these sections should move wholesale to the admin docs
>>> (sphinx) "Administrative Dashboard" "Access_Control" "System
>>> Administrator Guide" "Developer Guide".
>> I don't agree about Developer Guide. I personally think core developer
>> stuff is not something that it is crucial to have in sphinx docs at
>> the moment and can be more easily developed on the wiki.
> Yes I agree a wiki is easier than sphinx for development processes
> etc., although I think it is confusing when devs and admins are mostly
> the same people, and half of their stuff is mixed in with the user
> stuff on the wiki. It would be good to clearly separate, or not even
> link to the dev pages from the user pages in this case.

Not sure I understand here. We're seperating (see the front page),
User Guide, Admin Guide and Dev Guide on the wiki already. Also Devs
and Admins are definitely not going to be the same people going
forward ...

>>> http://wiki.okfn.org/ckan/ needs to be fully migrated and got rid of
>>> since it is just confusing having it hanging around.
>> I think it has been migrated and we should just remove now.
> There are a whole bunch of ckan pages still on that wiki linked from
> here for example:
> http://wiki.ckan.net/Development which should be moved to the new CKAN wiki.

OK. Let's do that asap :-)


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